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Feed Store Pickup Extension for Magento 2 of Mageplaza

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·Jun 13, 2022·

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The Magento 2 Shop Pickup feature gives customers the ability to select the store location that is closest to them and provides the most convenient days and hours for product pickup, allowing you to prepare the products at the chosen location in advance. Immediately improve the convenience of shopping in order to increase revenue.


Highlight Features of Extension:

Allow customers to pick up products from physical stores

Customers may pick up their orders whenever and wherever it is most convenient for them with the Magento 2 Store Pickup extension. They have the option of picking up the item when and where they want, which allows them to save on shipping charges.

Administrators, store pickup should be offered as a shipping option on the checkout page. When customers get to the Checkout page during the purchase process, they may easily select Store Pickup as their delivery method.

After one click, a pop-up window will appear, ready to take information regarding the pick-up from the customers. Customers can choose from a drop-down menu of various pick-up locations, and all they have to do is choose the ones that are most convenient for them.

On the My Orders section of their My Account website, customers who have logged in will notice an option for in-store pickup as a delivery method.


Schedule pickup time for both sides

After deciding where to pick up their orders, customers schedule a pickup time. At the pop-up, buyers can choose a date and time. The collection time is 3:15pm on 15 Jan.

Admins can set a number of days after orders are placed to have things ready for customers. Every item can be picked up after 3 days.

The timetable tool is convenient for retailers and customers and ensures things arrive on time.

Configure stores available for each product


If things are only available at certain store branches, store administrators can set them up to be pickable by branch.

This is required for each store branch's actual inventory condition. When a product's available stock is limited, the store owner can assign it to only a few typical branches. Furthermore, unique discount products are only accessible at a few new locations in order to entice people to attend.

Show pickup stores on Product page

Customers can see pickup locations on the Product Page. When shoppers view a product, they know where to buy it.

A pop-up will recommend pickup locations after one click.

Pricing of Extension:



Use cases of Magento 2 Store Pickup on Mageplaza:

Use Case 1: Displaying physical stores improves shopping


  • Objectives:

  • Google Maps offline store locations. Find stores near customers.

*Technical Magento limits

  • No tool shows offline store locations by default.


  • Google Maps can show your retail locations online. The addon will show customers the closest store addresses. Allow visitors to search for addresses and see suggestions. If your store doesn't have an easy-to-find address, you can provide GPS coordinates. Users may instantly find the nearest retailer with a filter.

Use case 2: Improve SEO ranking with locations

  • Business objectives:

  • Make the locations of the stores more visible. When local shoppers search online, promote your store.

  • Magento's default technical limitations:

  • There is no default mechanism for showing local clients your offline business locations.

  • Alternatives:

  • Keywords, particularly local keywords, can be incorporated into location content to make your website and addresses more SEO-friendly. Make material that is unique to each store in order to boost performance and rankings. Make your brick-and-mortar establishments more visible to local customers searching for products online and in their neighborhood.

Use case 3: Optimize brand image with a well-thought-out store locator

*Aims for the business:

  • Showcase storefronts with eye-catching touches. User experience should be improved.

*Magento's technological constraints are as follows:

  • Unfortunately, there is no default solution to assist customers in streamlining their purchasing experience at store locations.


-With PWA compatibility, you can provide a better mobile experience. This way, even mobile customers may find your store locations easily on the internet. Customize the look of your stores on the locator by adding information such as the address, opening hours, photographs, phone number, website, and a brief description. The enticing information will improve your store's professionalism and brand image. To make the map look more appealing, add four more map designs. You may also alter the look of the locator by adding more map styles marker icons.


Read more use case 4 and 5 on Mageplaza when you use this extension.

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