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Mageplaza Feed of M2:  Magento 2 AJAX Cart Extension

Mageplaza Feed of M2: Magento 2 AJAX Cart Extension

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·Jun 6, 2022·

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Hi, My name is Stork Nguyen. I'm an SEO Executive from Mageplaza and Avada. Today, I will introduce my extension on Mageplaza. This is Magento 2 AJAX Cart Extenion. In the information below, I will talk about problems, solutions, highlight features, and pricing. Now let's start reading.

Big Problems

  • Problem 1: Customers like to compare products straight on the Product Listing Page or the Home Page, which might be problematic. Clients prefer to look at the most significant aspects first in order to acquire a quick overview of a large number of items.

  • Problem 2: Customers don't want to be routed to another website every time they add items to their shopping cart.

  • Problem 3: Customers would appreciate the opportunity to adjust the attributes of selected goods in their shopping carts without having to return to the product pages, which is the third concern.

  • Problem 4: Customers would be inconvenient and impatient if they had to wait so long for new pages to load, such as the Product Detail Page or the View Cart Page.

  • Problem 5: The default Magento 2 interfaces for functions are dull and uninteresting.


  • Solution 1: AJAX should be used for Add to Cart, Add to Compare, and Add to Wishlist.

  • Solution 2: A Product Detail Popup allows customers to quickly review product information without leaving the current page.

  • Solution 3: An Add-to-Cart Popup allows customers to add items to their shopping carts while browsing.

  • Solution 4: Customers can see the updated cart information, such as the amount or the subtotal, by using a Review Cart Popup.

  • Solution 5: Without leaving the current page, a popup can be used to quickly choose an item's attributes.

  • Solution 6: Enhancing the client experience by adding movement effects and color to function buttons is a wonderful method to do it.

Highlight Features by Mageplaza:

Ajax improving the shopping experience

With AJAX, you'll be able to reduce the amount of time it takes to load your website. Rather of loading all of the website's content, the server just loads what consumers have requested, resulting in less pain and frustration for them.

AJAX technology is used to enhance the user experience on a user-friendly e-commerce site.

AJAX Add to Wishlist /Compare

Customers may now quickly and simply add items to their WishList or Compare List thanks to Ajax support.

Simply clicking on the icon Add to Wishlist or Compare while the customer is still on the current purchasing page adds an item to the list. Notifications will display to inform them that they have been successfully added.

There is no need to worry about a product comparison or wishlist inclusion disrupting the entire purchasing process Customers have the option of focusing their attention elsewhere and returning later to make a decision.

Best More Features:

  • Embedded Quick View

  • Freely upload icons

  • Set matchy colors

  • Reviews and rating

  • Set display time

  • Mobile friendly

About Pricing:

  • Option 1 for Community: $129 the first year.
  • Option 2 for Enterprise: $329 the first year.

Here are some of the outstanding features that make your business even better. Find out and experience it now

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